Spring Update!

We’re excited to update you on what we’ve been working on recently!

  1. SRTmotion customisation. From now on you can order a customized version of SRTmotion actuators. We offer 4 anodization colors: Silver (aluminum natural), Black, Blue, Red, Yellow (Gold’ish). On top of that you can order actuators with your logo laser engraved in white. Additionally we now offer a RGB illumination of the drivers’ cabinet!
  2. SRTmotion mounting kit for RSeat RS1 rig. On a popular demand we introduced a mounting set to transform your RS1 rig into a 4DOF motion platform! We’ll expand the offering soon with a mounting set for RSeat’ N1 rig. Take a look!
Thank you for your attention! Have a great race weekend with an upcoming Bahrain F1 GP!

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